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I may welcome you very cordially in the name of the entire editorship on our WebSite. This WebSite does not offer, if one takes it exactly, anything special. There is stop of texts and pictures, as you are certainly used to it from other WebSites already. Also we treat all in a critical, investigativen, hintergruendigem style for you, dear readers, interesting topics. Our supply addresses itself to the advanced, the professional among the readers.

Therefore we decided to generally do without reading assistance of each form and offer to you, estimated auditory, our supply in its purest form. If you should put to value nevertheless on certain reading assistance or more graphic opening, then we also remembered. They find these here (or under miscellaneous items). The supply of is updated in irregular distances. They will detect this by the fact that you find regularly new contributions or extensions of existing contributions. As a small assistance for orientation over the ever larger supply at high-quality, unused and nevertheless surprisingly favorable articles, we specify modifications under the column new in the navigation border.

In order to facilitate for you besides the repeated return to our WebSite,, we offer to you the constantly new intellect requiring gain plays with hochkaraetigen, valuable prices. In order to prepare and your general education increase it for the gain plays and your high intellect still further promote, you go nevertheless times on the WC. Also reading should be good for the promotion of the general education, the linguistic abilities as well as the intellect, therefore we offer to you, estimated readers of, a small however fine selection of beads of the written word in our book corner.

If you lean back, enjoy the stay on our WebSite, please you about our exquisiten supply, experience yourselves you Internet of its most beautiful Site, give you to a fastidious supply, let yourselves you spoil itself, bla bla bla...

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